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Bleach AU RPG

We Are Fuck You, FHUQ 86.3 FM, coming to you live from the Siamese hearts of the Twin Cities.

As a college priding itself in its liberal policies and perspectives, Midwest University’s student radio station is renown State wide for it’s blatant abuse of the first Constitutional Amendment, freedom of speech. Taking full advantage of faculty leniency, a show on FHUQ has become de rigueur for any student with the balls to back up their bark. Home to profanity, political ranting, pop culture dissection, lewd metaphors and ever escalating slander wars between hosts (not to mention the call-ins), We Are Fuck You is the station to listen to for anyone with a pulse as intense as the city’s own double heartbeat. While the students themselves are the finest in (free) entertainment, the real thrill of the station remains the music. At any time, day or night, MWU students are blasting through your eardrums with the latest and the greatest of all music genres and eras, doing their part to expose the true meaning of music as an art form and way of life.

wearefuckyou is an alternate universe role playing game featuring the characters from Kubo Tite’s hit manga series, Bleach. The characters we all know and love are members of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul tapestry with vested interest in music and youth culture, taking classes in the graffitied halls of Midwest University and conquering the airwaves at 86.3 FM. In an internet full of crack games (ridiculous comedies) and heroin games (ridiculous dramas), we like to think of WAFY as the RPG equivalent of a pitcher of beer. We take our characterizations seriously but look for the natural humour in them, and through that create awesome good times.

Rad senses of humour and deep rooted music geekery are mandatory. We're here to have fun and rock out, you should be too.
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Disclaimer: WE DON'T OWN BLEACH. Clearly.
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